Semantic Cursor

Semantic Cursor /img/itp/03_semester/ml4w/semantic-cursor.gif

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Complex Networks: Structures and Dynamics

Real world social, biological, and technological networks have complex structures. They grow and rewire themselves over time, while maintaining topologies that enable them to be resilient to failure and highly interconnected. These features are not found in randomly generated graphs. Researchers are attempting to explain how these complex networks form. Understanding the structures of complex networks allows us to understand how to look for resilient and interconnected networks Understanding their dynamics would enable designing systems to grow complex networks Describing Network Structure Graph theory is the mathematical study of networks, also called graphs.
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CAtN: Nanogenmo

CAtN: Nanogenmo /img/itp/03_semester/catn/markov-tape-overview.png

When the winter nights came on, they used to bring home turf from the precipice Of someone immense in passion, pulse, and power, The genius of poets of old lands, they do not think they slighted upon any account; and they did not see, but being blind, believed.

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Machine Learning for the Web: Final Proposal

slides version Title: Semantic Cursor Group steering a word cursor through the latent semantic space of a pre-trained Word2Vec vocabulary. Abstract A cursor is moving through the latent space of Word2Vec. A user can send a word. The cursor steers towards the user’s word. The goal is to move the cursor to a target word. Inspirations Ouiji board Snake Colossal Cave Adventure Audience Users joins.
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Understanding Networks: IOT Device Design

Understanding Networks: IOT Device Design /img/itp/03_semester/networks/digital-pet.gif

I’m working with Jackie Liu for an IOT assignment.

Our first assignment was to design and build a web api and a physical interface for the app.

Our idea is for a digital pet.

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