Scenario Planning

Future Scenarios: Patterns in Research Materials

The past several weeks have been presentations from classmates about their chosen research areas. You can find them here: link

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Future Scenarios: Wage and Employment Trends

Suggestions from classmates Breakdown by function, title, industry, gender What jobs are the fastest growing, fastest shrinking? Get a ~50 year historical window. Make sure to normalize and adjust currency units over time and space. PPP or big mac index Look at influences of minimum wage changes. Renumeration trends over time Methodology All data comes from two different United States Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys:
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Wage and Employment Trends

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  • Hover over bubble to see full industry name.
  • Toggle changes base year
  • Marker size: 2016 wages

Wage and Employment Changes, 2016 vs past years

Base year: 1990 2009

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Future Scenarios: Questions

Questions In 2025, {how/what/where/etc} will {I/we/those I care about/} {activity}? What will be taught at ITP? Where will I want to live? Where will we get our news? Research Topics Explainer topics Real estate and migration trends MOOCs Media industry trends

Future Scenarios: Critical Uncertainties

Questions from a discussion about critical uncertainties with Luqian Chen. When will the next telecommunication begin to supplant the internet? How will government relationships with telecommunication companies change in the future? To what extent will sharing and services replace product ownership? How will 2nd tier cities manage growth and infrastructure overload? Will cities remain open in the US or will there be limits on migration similar to China?