pComp: Project Planning

In our 9th class for physical computation, we discussed our ideas for our final projects. We will present them in week 14, so we have a little over a month to prepare.

pComp: Project Planning /img/nodbang/nodbang_system.png

I’ll be using my midi controller + performance tool project, nodbang

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Nod Bang: MIDI test

I’ve built a first sketch of sending MIDI over USB and refined the accelerometer data transformations.

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Nod Bang: Data Smoothing

I’ve mostly been working on smoothing and mapping accelerometer data for the past week.

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Nod Bang: Sketches

Below are some initial sketches I’ve built to test the plausibility of several of the components of my design for Nod Bang.

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Nod Bang: An Exercise

After my first couple weeks at ITP, I’ve came up with an idea that I’m planning to use as an exercise to apply the ideas and concepts from my interaction and physical computing classes.

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