Nod Bang: Sketches

Below are some initial sketches I’ve built to test the plausibility of several of the components of my design for Nod Bang.

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Nod Bang: An Exercise

After my first couple weeks at ITP, I’ve came up with an idea that I’m planning to use as an exercise to apply the ideas and concepts from my interaction and physical computing classes.

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Design Principles: Progressive Disclosure

Progressive disclosure is a strategy for managing information. Information is withheld from the user until it is necessary. This strategy is used to prevent information overload.

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Design Principles: Orientation Sensitivity

The Oblique Effect: Humans are inconsistent at discerning the angle of lines.

They are better at measuring angles closer to horizontal or the vertical. The below plot shows error changing with line section angle.

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Design Principles: Weakest Link

Elements in a system can be protected by incorporating a weak link. The weak link protects the rest of the system by failing first. Thus, the weakest link is one of the most important elements in the system.

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