intro to pcomp

pComp: Project Planning

In our 9th class for physical computation, we discussed our ideas for our final projects. We will present them in week 14, so we have a little over a month to prepare.

pComp: Project Planning /img/nodbang/nodbang_system.png

I’ll be using my midi controller + performance tool project, nodbang

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pComp: Turntable Prototyping

Our midterm project for pComp is due next week so I need to build the non-electrical components. Our original concept post is here. First Turntable Mockup Next Steps Build mockup enclosure Extend ultrasonic sensor wiring and mount to enclosure Tweak software parameters for sensor and motor

Nod Bang: MIDI test

I’ve built a first sketch of sending MIDI over USB and refined the accelerometer data transformations.

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Nod Bang: Data Smoothing

I’ve mostly been working on smoothing and mapping accelerometer data for the past week.

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pComp: Midterm Concept

I’ve paired up with Asha Veeraswamy for my pComp midterm. The prompt is to make a Holloween themed toy that demonstrates the interactive concepts we’ve covered so far. Asha and I’ve decided to make a candy dispenser that dispenses two different candies at random. Experience The basic idea is a covered bucket with a hole to insert the users hand. Inside is a rotating tray with two difference candies. After the user withdraws, the tray rotates to a random different candy for the next user.
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