Nod Bang: Max Step Sequencer

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A user testing session today convinced me to move away from Ableton and build all the music software components in Max.

A video of a Youjin Chung testing the new system:

Now, each head nod progresses a step sequencer directly. It feels much more intuitive and natural compared to before where the nod was hitting a “tap tempo” button in Ableton.


I had been avoiding rebuilding the music software in Max, but help and guidance from Itay Niv made several design patterns clear as to how to make a step sequencer with sample playback.

  • master counter for steps
  • functions and gates for triggers
  • send / receive for organization

My current patch running below:

Next Steps

Since the software is now working quite well, I will move on to fabricating an enclosure and interface suitable for a public showing.