Nod Bang: Back to Basics Prototyping

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This week I took some steps backwards in terms of hardware complexity to refocus on implementing functionality.

Painting myself into a corner

I had been getting pretty far along in my project. I had:

  • gotten the accelerometer data in a good place
  • gotten a single led correctly mapped and functioning
  • gotten an arcade button to send MIDI note data to Abelton

I decided to continue on an extrapolated path, but ended up “painting myself into a corner”.

I ended up building a complex rat nest. I was getting a bunch unexpected behavior in my hand-soldered LED strand and couldn’t debug since there were so many possible points of failure.

Refocusing on functionality

Going down the linear path from proof-of-concept to final piece was a mistake. I had gotten too excited by seeing something that looked like a final product, but was missing a lot of important functionality.

It felt like going backwards, but I went back to rebuilding a new breadboard prototype.

I now have a much clearer understanding of where I think the rat nest problem was and have also realized how I need to structure the Arduino code with a button class that would handle the MIDI and LED. I might also make a class object for the accelerometer.

Next steps…

  • Add accelerometer to breadboard
  • Get midi clock and note values sending with breadboard prototype