Nod Bang: MIDI test

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I’ve built a first sketch of sending MIDI over USB and refined the accelerometer data transformations.

Link to project description


I’ve built a first sketch of sending MIDI over USB with the button I’ve set up.

I’m using the MIDI USB Arduino Library and using the controller with Ableton Live.

Nod Detection

I’ve also gotten the accelerometer data in a decent place.

The min and max value trackers now converge over time to the accelerometer value until they’re pushed back out by values out of their range. This allows for overall shifts in head angle and compensates for changes in the size of head movements.

Next Steps, MIDI Clock

After reading more into the various parts of the MIDI protocol, I’ve decided to try to use the accelerometer to set a MIDI clock signal.

I’m not sure what type of MIDI packet to send with the buttons, yet. Notes are simple enough, but I need to understand better how Ableton’s session mode can be used with MIDI controllers. The loop mute and unmute abilities of session mode might cover all of my needs.