The Curve and the Wiggle

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there’s the curve,

and there’s the wiggle.

most people assume they’re somewhere on the curve; they make optimizations.

but you can miss out on a lot if you only optimize.

sometimes making leaps can take you much further, but betting everything on a new strategy is usually too risky.

the best way is to try a little bit of everything. even if one strategy fails, you gain lessons you can apply to your other efforts.

trying different strategies and allowing them to fail is actually safer than optimizing a single strategy. it’s dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket.

if you’re doing things right, you should be trying new things all the time… and letting them fail too!

last thoughts…

  • why might an established company hire an outside agency or consultant?
  • why do investment banks invest in hedge funds?
  • why do technology companies promote internal side projects?