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I chose to create a postcard for my mother.

My mother lives in Hawaii, so I chose to use weather data from Brooklyn (where I live) and where she lives.

My goal was communicate the relationship between our daily experiences of weather and climate, with a focus on communicating my experience to her.

I began by sketching a few ideas of how I might layout time,

Data Snapshot Postcard /img/itp/04_semester/data-publics/02-postcard/postcard-concepts.jpeg

I ended up choosing to use a calendar view. I enjoyed being able to use each box as a facet space for a slope, relating the temperature in Hawaii vs the temperature in Brooklyn.

Data Snapshot Postcard /img/itp/04_semester/data-publics/02-postcard/postcard-making.jpeg

I then penciled in the the design, inked it, and erased the pencil.

Data Snapshot Postcard /img/itp/04_semester/data-publics/02-postcard/postcard-front.jpeg

I also made a legend on the back of the postcard.

Data Snapshot Postcard /img/itp/04_semester/data-publics/02-postcard/postcard-back.jpeg