Machine Learning for the Web: Final Proposal

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Title: Semantic Cursor

Group steering a word cursor through the latent semantic space of a pre-trained Word2Vec vocabulary.


  • A cursor is moving through the latent space of Word2Vec.
  • A user can send a word.
  • The cursor steers towards the user’s word.
  • The goal is to move the cursor to a target word.


  • Ouiji board
  • Snake
  • Colossal Cave Adventure


  • Users joins.
  • They see a word.
  • It is changing.
  • They see a history of the old words.
  • The user can submit a word.
  • The word changes the cursor word.
  • They are trying to get to a target word.


  • Communicating the movement through the latent space
  • Representing the cursor