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Machine Learning for the Web: Teachable Machine /img/itp/03_semester/ml4w/head-gesture.gif

Looking for sequences with an image classifier

After playing around with combining an audio spectrograms with an image classifier I decided to try indentifying sequences using the image classifier with a different input.

I went with drawing traces with PoseNet and training the image classifier on the traces to try to identify specific gestures.

The training imagess for the image classifer were generated by:

  • A sketch to draws traces of head position data from PoseNet
  • I recorded a video of me making a specific gestures with the macOS screen capture utility for each class I wanted to train
  • I extracted frames from the video using VLC
  • I resized the images using
  • I loaded the images into Teachable Machine and trained the image classification model

Compared to a standard data processing pipeline, it is amazing how resilient the image pipeline was to my hacking.

Background work

I spent most of my time for this week’s assignment playing around with audio.

I was originally inspired by looking at the visualizations for the Sounds Teachable Machine. It shows a sliding window extracting images from a streaming spectrogram.

The two aspects I found interesting were the timbre and timing.

  • differentiating timing / volume / timbre: playing piano scales with my left and right hand
  • differentiatiing timbre: clapping my hands in different rooms

Next steps

  • training on a cloud compute instance
  • drawing more elaborate traces to allow for more expressive gestures