Tech and the City: Application Video

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tech_and_the_city itpnyu

I am applying to a Stern business school course, “Tech and the City”, during the spring semester.

The course is a joint production of Union Square Ventures and Stern. The course revolves around being embedded in a USV portfolio company

Course Description:


I ended up shooting my video at home, since it is difficult to find a quiet space to squat on the ITP floor.

I prepared an outline of a script before hand and had decided on a basic structure. However, the wording and delivery I had planned on fell apart quickly once I started recording and I ended up rewriting on the fly.

I enjoyed parallel shooting and writing, but I also got tired of repeating myself and speaking for an extended period of time. The take I ended up using was usually around the 5th take. As a result, my delivery came out very monotonous and dry. It was also a result of my dread of watching myself recorded in audio and video.

Next time…

  • Be more animated and try out different deliveries
  • Drink coffee in the morning (I forgot in my hurry to get the shooting done before class)
  • Allow more time to shoot and write in parallel