Teaching as Art: Intro to Machine Learning with K-Means

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This week taught my workshop for Teaching as Art. The workshop was intended as a gentle introduction to machine learning.


We worked through three sections, each with a notebook of prose and code:

  1. What is a Vector?
  2. K-Means Walkthrough
  3. ML5 / Word2Vec Demo


The workshop was an hour long and ended right at 60 minutes.

We spend about half the time on linear algebra, 20 minutes on k-means, and the last 10 minutes on Word2Vec.


I collected feedback with a survey. The feedback was overall very positive. The critical feedback was:

  • “You say ‘like’ a lot”
  • “I do wish there was a little more interactive participation”

Next Steps

  • Working on finding opportunies to encourage more discussion and exercises
  • Slowing down my speaking and planning my explanations ahead of time