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Design a syllabus for a class in ‘your high school.’ Contextualize the class within the curriculum you designed… Link

Syllabus for “Everyday Writing Everyday”

This class is for high school students to establish a writing practice.

Students will learn the work of rewriting and improving their writing. The course will teach basic strategies for working on common writing forms such as presentations and personal essays.

The course covers 6 weeks, with two 1.5 hour class sessions per week. The last weeks of the 12 week semester are reserved for the final project sprints.

  • 01 week: Before writing
    • 01 session:
      • inclass: syllabus review and note taking exercise
      • homework: bring notebook and pen
    • 02 session:
      • inclass: ideation and organization exercise
      • homework: using a prompt, bring in a thought diagram
      • reading: NYT book review
  • 02 week: Preparing for audience and criticism
    • 01 session:
      • inclass: audience defining exercise using NYT book review and active reading
      • reading: elements of style
    • 02 session:
      • inclass: discussion of judging work and rules in elements of style
      • reading: essay reading selection from teacher
      • homework: write feedback for teacher selected piece
  • 03 week: writing for presentations
    • 01 session
      • inclass: watch keynote presentations, ted, commencement address
      • homework: split up teacher supplied content as a group and make slides
    • 02 session:
      • inclass: paired group presentations and discussion, introduce essay prompt
      • homework: make updates to your slides, bring 5 essay ideas in response to prompt
  • 04 week: essay writing
    • 01 session
      • inclass: pitch essay ideas to group and select idea
      • reading: selected medium.com essay
      • homework: write 500 word draft
    • 02 session
      • inclass: class discuss medium essay. roundtable feedback in groups on essays
      • homework: rewrite essay
  • 05 week: workshopping
    • 01 session:
      • inclass: workshop and give feedback on personal essays
      • homework: make updates to personal essay
    • 02 session:
      • inclass: compare first draft to latest and discuss what you learned in the process
      • homework: list 10 ideas for inter-class writing projects
  • 06 week: preparing for final projects
    • 01 session:
      • inclass: discuss research options
      • homework: research summary for possible topics
    • 02 session:
      • inclass: assign support teams for feedback
      • homework: plan for project sprint