Meaningful Interactions: Experience Map and User Journey

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Experience Map

Step Timeframe Touchpoints Activities Emotion Pain Points Opportunities
00 Bring service into your life or household Retailer, gift, or existing device Set up interface Excitement Learning and customization Packaging, onboarding interactions
01 Usage trigger User need, media, conversation Testing utility and usability Curiosity Breaking habits to use speech Active presence for service
02 Interaction Speech Speak with assistant Uncertainty Uncertainty about model and state Mapped sonification

User Journey

Hannah Kim is a 30 year old designer who has received a Google Home mini as a Christmas gift. She is a mobile-first technology user and spends several hours a day on her iPhone, but isn’t sure how she is supposed to use the voice assistant. English is her second language so she’s uncertain that the voice assistant is activated and understands her.

Hannah is working late in her living room…

  • Her phone, speaker, and laptop speakers chime quietly at 1am.
  • Hannah arms her bedtime sequence
    1. Knocking on table
    2. speaking to her home daemon, “let’s get ready for bed”.
      1. Ambient music begins when Hannah knocks
      2. The TV chimes as it turns off
      3. Podcast begins playing via Spotify daemon.
      4. Bedroom space begins listening for a knocking sound to finish sequence.
      5. Ambient music fades off
  • Puts away her laptop.
  • She beckons the Spotify service daemon to move to her phone via a combination of speech and touch. “Come here” and tapping her phone.
    1. transition out effect on speaker
    2. Spotify fades in on phone
  • Brings her phone to the bathroom and does her routine while listening to podcast.
  • Brings phone to bedroom.
  • Speaker in her bedroom is listening and chimes to indicate it noticed her Spotify daemon playing in the bedroom.
  • Spotify daemon moves to the speaker.
    1. transition effect on phone
    2. Spotify fades in on speaker
  • plugs in her phone on nightstand
  • Knocks her bedframe to trigger the bedtime sequence ending
    1. low pink noise from speaker fades in and will fade off after 60 min
    2. Phone device daemon speaks quietly, “I’ll wake you at 7am”