Meaningful Interactions: Final Project Ideation

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Think about three different people you care about and identify an idea for each one for an interactive experience or application.

01 idea: mapped sonification for audio interfaces

Persona, Hannah Kim

Hannah Kim is a 30 year old designer who has received a Google Home mini as a Christmas gift. She is a mobile-first technology user and spends several hours a day on her iPhone, but isn’t sure how she is supposed to use the voice assistant. English is her second language so she’s uncertain that the voice assistant is activated and understands her.

Idea, mapped sonification for audio interface navigation

Audio interfaces currently primarily rely on speech to convey relevant information back to the user. Additionally, chimes are used to indicate confirmations and changes in state.

If a computer is the bicycle of the mind (Jobs), what should you hear when you close your eyes?

Sonification mapped to the state of the controller and app model could add a level of clarify and greatly increate the transparency of the system.

Possible tactics:

  • Ambient music to indicate place, state, and activity.
  • Audio processing, such as filtering and effects, to indicate rates, velocities, and changes to persistent objects.
  • different voices for different skills / functions / apps. A team of assistants, rather than one omniscient voice
  • mapped punctuation sounds
  • tempo to indicate urgency duing CTA? similar to visual bounce
  • audio tags / sound logos for branding
  • transitions when entering the magic circle, reminiscent of play a sound books
  • additional physical-sonic actions to enter the circle. eg rapping shave and a haircut with your knuckles. call and response.

02 idea: finding a calendar event

Persona, Daniel Meyers

Daniel is a 25 year old strategist working at a digital agency in NYC. His day is filled with meetings and has at least four hours of meetings booked everyday. His fellow coworkers have similar calendars. Scheduling a new meeting around dead-in-the-water recurring meetings and defensive calendar scheduling is a nightmare.

Idea, quorum

Finding a calendar event should be as intuitive as collaborating on a Google productivity app.

  • Funneling, drawing availabilities, and a producing a list of possible times.
  • All without using the same calendaring system
  • not sharing any more information beyond available time slots
  • voting
  • no ownership
  • appointment should archive by default

03 idea: single page pivot tables

Persona, Anushka Qaasim

Anushka is a 22 year old who just got her first job. A big part of her job is organizing data in spreadsheets and making reports from them. She’s supposed to start using Excel formulas and pivot tables. She’s inherited a bunch of files from the last analyst, but can’t wrap her head around how they work.

Idea, SQLite client as an Excel replacement

A four panel view of the data, the screen divided into moveable quadrants. The four views…

  • schema
  • raw data inspection
  • formula console
  • results
  • tracing a view’s field