Future Scenarios: Patterns in Research Materials

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The past several weeks have been presentations from classmates about their chosen research areas. You can find them here: link

You can find my own explainer on wage and employment trends here: link

I found a few different patterns among the presentations:

linear divisions

  • optimism : pessimism
  • hope : fear
  • decentralization : centralization

There were common divisions commonly applied to several topics.

The most pervasive division was the centralization / decentralization cycle described by Tim Wu. The ability for platforms to be both tools of decentralization and centralization was noticeable whenever Facebook and Bitcoin were brought up.


  • liberalism
  • capitalism
  • socialism
  • sexism

When it came to capitalism, corporations were often described as a kind of “other” that we were not apart of, but I suspect many of us will go on to work for some sort of large corporation within the next 7 years.

Capitalization of resources and labor wasn’t directly discussed, but was the focus of many discussions about automation and machine learning.

unfamiliar solutions

  • trolley problem
  • centaurs

Presentations around self-driving cars and human-machine centaurs both provided great examples of unfamiliar solutions to what feel like common sense problems.

I hope to find more of these in the future since they seem possible.