Collective Play: Sprout Journal

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Sprout journal is my final project for my course, Collective Play.


Sprout journal is an ephemeral, collaborative journaling experience.

  • Users enter their recollections about what they did that day
  • Each item becomes a new item on a chain of events and gets sent to other current participants
  • If multiple users enter the same event, a link is made

As a group, the users build a graph that visualized the intersecting paths of their day.

However, the graph is completely transient and disappears when the user leaves the page. Users can also jump in and out at any time, resulting in asymmetry of graph structure between users.


I got some great feedback in class after presenting my documentation of some lo-fi user testing to explore collaborative graph building.

The two points that were most helpful were:

  • Use time to define edges, eg: multiple, parallel narratives
  • Try to find better prompts that are easy to understand

Next Steps

I’ve enjoyed working with the d3-force module; it’s given me a new appreciation with the aspects of working with graph structures.

I’d like to continue working with graphs in the future, perhaps attached to my interest in cryptocurrencies.