Composition: ITP Winter Show Poster

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itpnyu comms visual language

This week we were tasked with designing a promotional poster for our program’s upcoming winter show.

It required putting together our previous lessons of typography and color with composition. I found the exercise a magnitude of difficulty greater than any previous.


Since I had such difficulty with this assignment, I relied more on a design process than I had before. Doing a 4x4 type concept and variation approach kept my work moving forward, rather than getting stuck and just staring at my screen.


I found that the light colors that I enjoyed looking at on my screen turned out washed out and difficult to discern when printed using color laser and printer paper.

The results have convinced me of the importance of proofing any designs that will be printed.

For the future

Next time I design for print, I will allot extra time for iterating on print proofs. Ideally designing next to a printer.