pComp: Midterm Concept

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I’ve paired up with Asha Veeraswamy for my pComp midterm. The prompt is to make a Holloween themed toy that demonstrates the interactive concepts we’ve covered so far.

Asha and I’ve decided to make a candy dispenser that dispenses two different candies at random.


The basic idea is a covered bucket with a hole to insert the users hand. Inside is a rotating tray with two difference candies. After the user withdraws, the tray rotates to a random different candy for the next user.

Hardware Sketch

I’ve gotten the basics of the interaction and drivetrain mocked up.

  • adafruit feather board as a controller with lipo battery
  • ultrasonic sensor to detect a hand
  • motor hat to manage and power the motor with external battery pack containing 4 AA batteries
  • a dc motor with attached wheel

Next Steps

Fabricating the enclosure and candy tray will be the next step. Once the package is complete, we can start adjusting the Arduino code to have the interaction run smoothly.