ixd: Teknopolis Exhibition Ideation

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itpnyu ixd

Everyone in the class is submitting 6 project ideas following a site visit to BAM and a tour of the exhibition spaces.

6 Ideas

1. Dynamic wayfinding system tied into building sensors

The exhibition spaces are very separated and there is no bleed or continuity between the spaces.

Each space…

  • has a distinctive look and feel
  • is physically far from the others
  • is isolated in terms of sound

The feeling of separation is enhanced because traveling between them often requires an elevator ride.

Dynamic wayfinding signage can help audience members have a sense of what is happening in the other sections of the building.

  • Which sections are crowded?
  • Are the other sections noisy?
  • Are the other sections movement oriented?

The CCTV system could be a rich source of data for modulating the wayfinding signage and audio.

2. Elevator soundscape gradient

The elevator is unavoidable in Teknopolis since sections are on separate floors, most of which are only transversable by elevator.

The elevator occupants are a captive audience that enter a null space outside the exhibit while taking the elevator.

Different soundscapes mapped to each floor that crossfade while traveling would offer a sense of continuity and help the audience form connections between the different sections.

3. Entangled objects across the two mezzanine arms

Above the largest exhibition floor, there is a U shaped mezzanine.

Two sets of identical objects on each arm of the mezzanine that are entangled as a way of audience members to interact through remote, but related objects.

For example, a pair of steering wheels. One would be placed on each side. If an audience member manipulated one wheel, both wheels would turn. If an audience member resisted, it would be felt on the other side.

4. Marking wall

An LED matrix wall. Each audience member would be allowed to change the values of a single LED on the wall.

After the audience member changed a value, the wall would playback all the changes, in chronological order, compressed into 5 seconds. The playback speed would decelerate towards the end.

At the end of the exhibit, a recording would be sent to all the past audience members.

This idea is pretty much a rip of the place.

5. Guards and prisoners

The mezzanine has three entry/egress points, one on each arm and one in the midpoint.

Audience members would enter in the midpoint, be assigned randomly to either arm and be assigned a role.

There would be a shared media the two roles would interact with. A game seems natural, but it doesn’t have to be competitive. It could be a constructive exercise with two complimentary roles.

After interacting with the media as an anonymized role player, the audience member would be given a sticker indicating the role they played and leave through their mezzanine arm’s exit.

6. nodbang

I’ve already begun working on this project. It is focused on compressing the experience of performing a DJ set or using a groovebox.

nodbang is a custom MIDI controller + music performance tool. It consists of a 2x2 midi fighter pad and headphones with an embedded accelerometer.

The user nods their head to the set the timing and presses and holds pads to trigger and loop different tracks.

The project could be extended with visual feedback, a digital avatar, and a physical podium / stage.