Soundwalk Response: Chinatown

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As a part of my Video and Sound course at ITP, I was asked to go on a soundwalk and write a response.

I chose a soundwalk in Chinatown and ended up enjoying it more than I expected. I didn’t expect the connection between pre-recorded and layered audio to work so well with the things I saw with my eyes.

The soundwalk did a good job of providing audio cues to provide walking pace and place-of-interest arrival, so the audio synced very well. The audiotrack layered multiple sources of pre-recorded audio such as interviews, sound effects, and ambient sounds to maintain a high pace of interesting content. The whole walk felt filled with content and no slow spots.

The walk primarily focused on taking the listener on a walking tour of several popular Chinatown landmarks. I’d actually noticed or been to several of the landmarks, but gained a better understanding of their historical context and how they integrate in to the Chinatown community.

There were a couple landmarks that were outdated, but, overall, the walk still worked extremely well.